Equipment Hire

Water Damage Restoration Equipment Hire

Immediate Delivery

We aim to deliver the same day, however, if we cannot arrange delivery the same day, we will plan for the next day.

High Quality Equipment

All of our equipment are the top performing models in their class with excellent reliability. All dehumidifiers we offer are Low Grain, meaning you get better value for money as they perform better than your standard dehumidifiers. Also, they are fitted with thermal overload circuits meaning they are safe to operate 24 hours.

Expert Advice from Restoration Professionals

We have a highly trained team which can guide you to the best dehumidifier to hire. Consultation is available from our friendly technicians

Cost Savings from LPG Powered Desiccant Dehumidifiers

We offer highly advanced desiccant dehumidifier equipment with remote monitoring capability and low power usage options (LPG powered). Contributing to lower job cost.

We also offer Specialised Decontamination Services Including

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